What We Do

HealthWiz helps people get better faster. We exist to simplify the path to better healthcare decisions.

We provide our users with a tool to go from understanding symptoms to booking a doctor in just a few minutes. We do this by aggregating the best digital health information to help you understand your condition, find a doctor, estimate costs, and most importantly, take action.

We work with employers to engage their employees and to lower their healthcare costs by helping them get the best care as quickly as possible.

Why HealthWiz?

This is deeply personal for us. Like too many others, we have felt in the dark about our healthcare and found our parents and grandparents in the same position.

One day, we'd had enough. We were determined to take control for the sake of our families and ourselves and began to search for the best resources to break down these barriers. Over time, we realized the power of pulling together the best information and calls-to-action in one place, and the idea for HealthWiz was born.

Our Values

We believe in working and living with a clear set of values. At HealthWiz, we aspire to embody clarity, compassion, decisiveness, and honesty.

Clarity | The world’s greatest information is only useful if we can understand it. We strive to take the complexity of big data and put it in the most simple and relatable form possible.

Compassion | Health is always personal. We promise to take the time to understand how it feels to get sick and how it feels to ask for help.

Decisiveness | Our products aim to provide information to help us all make good decisions about our health. Our goal is to build confidence needed to take action to get better.

Honesty | Our relationships are built on trust. We are transparent about our processes and clear about our users' privacy and the security of information.

Our Team

Nate Maslak, Cofounder & CEO

My mom was in pain. Her knee was hurting and she needed to see a doctor. But, she didn’t know where to start. She asked friends and searched online to understand what might be wrong and who could help.

After an exhausting search, she went to a doctor, who sent her to another, who sent her to another. Six months and over a thousand dollars later, she still hadn't received proper care.

This is not how we believe the world should work. We decided to build HealthWiz to help everyone get better, faster.

Nate Fox, Cofounder & CTO

I remember watching my grandpa go through Alzheimer's and struggling to understand his situation. I tried to learn more, but I found it difficult to make sense of the information thrown at me.

In today's age of information availability, I could not believe how difficult it was to navigate finding the information I needed to understand how to help.

With HealthWiz, I am excited to get the right information at the right time into the hands of those who need it most.

Join Us

We are always looking to work with people who want to make a difference in how our users can get better faster. If that sounds like you, introduce yourself by sending us an email!